Jasmin & Liam’s Wedding Invitations

Sometimes the inspiration for a custom design comes to me so naturally it is uncanny. It is not always like this of course, because some wedding concepts are more intricate than others. This makes the ease of some designs that much sweeter! This was how it was with Jasmin & Liam.

To discuss their wedding invitations, we met at their apartment and chatted over tea. They told me how and where their wedding was going to be and the decorations they were planning. As far as the design of the invitations was concerned, they were inspired by the rusticity of their venue as well as its former grandeur. This really clicked with me as well as their bold and inspiring color scheme.

As soon as I set to work, I first sketched an idea that became the basis for the invitation and somehow the whole design fell into place rather quickly after that. I drew the flowers, researched rustic fonts and created a logo for them. There were almost no changes to the design and the wedding invitations went to print soon after we began working!

I love working on challenging projects as I learn a ton about myself as a designer, but I will always relish the projects where the inspiration just flows naturally. What a treat!

Sketches and images of the final custom wedding invitations below.

J&L custom wedding invitation sketchJ&L green purple custom wedding invitationJ&L maßgefertigte hochzeit einladungskartenJ&L custom wedding invitationJ&L individuelle hochzeits einladungenJ&L custom wedding invitations

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