Terms & Conditions

Pretty in Print
Ann Gancarczyk
Odinstr. 23
10318 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 1797633154

1 Terms & Conditions

1.1 Please read through this website thoroughly before placing an order with Pretty in Print. All orders will be based on these terms as well any in the customer's personal contract with Pretty in Print.

1.2 Price quotes from Pretty in Print are nonbinding and prices can change at any time. Price quotes must be approved in writing. The customer will then receive a separate contract and receipt with payment details.

1.3 Prices listed on this website are in Euros and include 19% tax. Shipping costs are not included. Prices can vary per order and since price quotes are generated individually, the prices listed on this site may not be final.

2 Ordering Process

2.1 In order for an order to begin and a contract to take effect, Pretty in Print must receive 50% of the agreed upon price by bank transfer. The second 50% is due immediately after print approval is given. Only then will the customer's order be sent to print.

2.2 Pretty in Print reserves the right to cancel any order and to keep any prepayments, if made to wait longer than 3 weeks for any of the following: billing and delivery addresses, text, payment or print approval.

2.3 Pretty in Print can change any agreed upon delivery dates, if any problems arise, especially if the customer is causing delays.

2.4 Pretty in Print reserves the right to cancel any order with a full refund of any payments without reason. Pretty in Print can also refuse to work with any text or images that are offensive.

3 Corrections & Design Approval

3.1 There are three rounds of corrections included in an order. A round of corrections is one or more corrections that are sent or relayed together at one point in time. After these three rounds, any changes the customer requires will be billed for separately per hour at 50 Euros (including tax) per hour. The customer will be sent a separate bill, the amount of which will be due with the second 50% of payment with the print approval.

3.2 In order for an order to go to print, the customer must approve the design proofs in written form and transfer the second 50% of the agreed upon fee.

3.3 Pretty in Print is not responsible for correcting any typos or spelling errors in the text received from the customer. Pretty in Print tries of course to alert customers when a mistake is found and if Pretty in Print is at fault for any mistakes, they will correct them immediately. If a type or spelling error is found after the print approval has been given, the customer will have to pay a fee to change it, no matter who is at fault.

4 Returns

4.1 Returns will not be accepted because of any mistakes or typos. Returns will not be accepted because of natural fluctuations in the printing ink or paper. Computer screens can alter colors to varying degrees and returns based on this reasoning will also not be accepted. Ordering a sample package is highly recommended in order to see Pretty in Print's color palette in printed form.

4.2 If the products are damaged during shipping, the customer must notify Pretty in Print in written form immediately and the damaged items will be reprinted. No refund will be offered, because each item is customized and therefore cannot be resold. If the customer does not contact Pretty in Print within 7 days, Pretty in Print will not pay the reprinting costs.

5 Extra Production

Pretty in Print reserves the right to print extra copies of all orders to use in promotional material. These designs can be photographed, posted online and used in printed form. Pretty in Print will change any last names, addresses or any other sensitive customer information. Pretty in Print will always protect the privacy of its customers.

6 Copyright

6.1 All sketches, ideas and designs are the property of Pretty in Print. Designs can only be changed or reproduced with the written permission of Pretty in Print. The reselling of printed products from Pretty in Print is strictly forbidden.

6.2 The customer can post photographs of Pretty in Print's designs online, but it is kindly asked that credit is always given. Thank you!